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BSB 704-191

Codes and Procedures

View Bank First Codes and Procedures.


The Constitution of Bank First details the rules and principles by which the Bank operates.


Annual Remuneration Disclosures


Annual Capital Disclosures


Quarterly Regulatory Disclosures


Complaint and Dispute Resolution Procedure

We welcome any and all feedback, that’s why we’ve created a simple Complaint and Dispute Resolution Procedure to give you the opportunity to register any complaint and have it dealt with in a formalised manner.

Your valued feedback is what will help us continue to improve our services to give our customers a better banking experience. Download the Complaint and Dispute Resolution Guide for further information.


Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice

At Bank First, we pride ourselves on our commitment to conduct business ethically and to the highest possible standard. In line with this commitment, Bank First complies with a range of codes of practices.

Bank First has adopted the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice.

The Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice is a voluntary code of conduct which sets standards of good banking practice for us to follow when dealing with you.

A copy of the Code can be obtained at your local branch, or you can download and print the Code.

Further information is also available from the Customer Owned Banking Association website.

The Code Compliance Committee, independently monitors compliance with the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice. Visit the Code Compliance Committee website for more information.


Financial Claims Scheme

Learn more about Financial Claims Scheme.


View a list of Bank First reports including Annual Reports, Securitisation Reporting, Workplace Gender Equality and Modern Slavery.