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BSB 704-191

Financial Wellbeing

Do you wish you were better with money? You've come to the right place.

Power up your money, your way

Bank First is proud to be the customer-owned bank that invests in the financial empowerment of its members. 

Let's talk money habits
Let’s talk about the two habits that form the foundation for getting on top of your money.
Financial Wellbeing, what's the fuss?
Money is a mix of math and emotion, both of which shape our overall financial wellbeing.
Member Story with Lily
Let's talk about how Lily mindfully gives her money a purpose to stay on track with her goals.
Put your money on Autopilot
Learn how putting your money on Autopilot can help you build better money habits with less effort.
Mindful spending with Autopilot
Create a mindful spending plan and use your Autopilot to easily keep on track.
Active saving for a backup plan
You can't predict the future, but you can plan for it. Why a rainy-day fund should be your first active savings goal.
Bank that tax cut (and other pay increases)
Most of us will take home a little extra pay after the Stage 3 tax cuts. Have you considered what you will do with the extra money?
Slow down spending to make more mindful decisions
Is online shopping so convenient that you buy without even thinking? Putting some speed bumps in the way can help you to mindfully spend.
Basics of a pay slip
Confused by all of the information on your payslip? Learn what it all means without the jargon.