• Electronic Verification Consent

    The AML/CTF Act requires Bank First to verify your identity prior to banking with us. To verify your identity electronically, the Bank requires your consent for us to provide your personal details including your full name, address, date of birth, image (’live capture’ of your face – a selfie) and signature to our credit reporting body Equifax, or, ID verification service provider Vix Verify, who will match those details against those held on their database. The Bank will then receive an overall assessment of the matching data which will be used solely for the purpose of verifying your identity, in accordance with AML/CTF Act. The Bank may also contact the issuer or official record holder (directly or via an approved third party) to verify document details using the Government’s Document Verification Service.

    An alternative means of verifying your identity is available using a documentation based procedure if you choose not to consent to Electronic Verification.

    NOTE: It is an offence under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 to give false or misleading information.

Our privacy policy is available here.

Helpful resources

  • How to take a photo of your Identity Document

    When Auto Capture is on, the capture screen will automatically take a photo of your document when it has recognised that it is of good enough quality.

    Tips for taking a good quality photo

    • Prevent Glare: Move the document away from direct light sources.
    • Document Too Far: Fit the document fully within the frame.
    • Prevent Blur: Hold the document or device steady.
  • Why do I have to verify my identity?

    As an AUSTRAC registered financial institution, we are required by law to verify an individual’s identity prior to providing access to our products and services. 

    Ensuring that those who apply for our products are who they say they are not only protects the wider public from identity fraud, but also limits the ability of fraudsters to open accounts with us.

  • What ID documents are required to complete online verification check?

    Valid Australian Driver’s Licence/Learner’s Permit 
    Current Australian Passport

  • How does Online Identity Verification check work?
    1. SMS – A SMS with the Online Identity Verification link will be sent to your mobile number that was used for the application. 
    2. ID – Take a photo of either your Driver’s Licence or your Australian Passport, from which we will read your details.
    3. Selfie – Then you take a selfie, we will match against the photo from your ID Document.
    4. Submit – Lastly you check that the details are correct and submit!
  • How long does Online Identity Verification take?

    It takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish, and you’ll be provided with a result as soon as you’re done!

  • More information and FAQs

    If you haven't found what you're looking for above, more frequently asked questions can be found by following the link below.

    Online Identity Verification FAQs