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BSB 704-191

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

The easiest way to view, lock and order replacement cards is via our Mobile Banking App.

Follow our step-by-step guide

Replace a lost, stolen or damaged card

In this situation, it’s important to cancel your card and order a replacement. You can stop your card instantly by going on to the Bank First App. You can only stop your own card via the Bank First App.

  1. Login to the Bank First App

  2. Select Cards

  3. Swipe to find your Card

  4. Select Need help with your card?

  5. Select ‘Lost your card’, ‘Card been stolen’ or ‘Damaged your card’ and follow the prompts.

  6. Select if you would like a replacement card.

  7. Your card will be stopped immediately.

Alternatively, you can call our customer service team for assistance on 1300 654 822.


Lock misplaced card

Try locking your card while you look for it. If it’s found, you can simply unlock your card and continue using it.

  1. Login to the Bank First App

  2. Select Cards

  3. Swipe to find your Card

  4. Tap on Lock Card

  5. A success message will appear confirming your card will be locked from all purchases and withdrawals.

This feature temporarily locks your card so no further transactions can occur while you are looking for your card.

To unlock your card, simply tap Unlock Card and a success message will appear confirming the card has been unlocked and you can make purchases and withdrawals.


Lost your card overseas?

A lost or stolen card can also be stopped at anytime within our Mobile Banking App. After reporting a card lost or stolen via our Mobile Banking App you have the option to re-order your card immediately.

If you lose your card overseas contact Visa Global Assistance.

Emergency assistance

Visa Global Assistance can arrange for an Emergency Cash advance of up to US$400.00 within 48 hours (higher amounts may take additional time). An emergency card can also be provided within 48 hours. (Please note PIN numbers are not provided with Emergency Cards and so cannot be used in ATMs or for any other PIN transactions). A fee of $150.00 for an Emergency Card is also applicable.


Mobile wallet

If you have a Bank First card in your mobile wallet (Apple Wallet or Google Wallet) and your card is lost or stolen, you can continue to use your mobile wallet to transact. Once your new card has been activated, your mobile wallet will automatically update with your new digital card details.

Please refer to Terms and Conditions Part B: Fees and Charges