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BSB 704-191

Get started with PayTo

PayTo is a new secure digital way to view, authorise and manage your payments within Internet Banking.

PayTo is available for Members with IB access and SMS security

What is PayTo?

PayTo is a fast, simple and secure way to digitally pre-authorise payments from your bank account.

PayTo can be used for one-off or recurring payments.

PayTo is a secure digital alternative to the current direct debit system.

Why use PayTo?

More control

View and manage payments from your bank account. Pause or cancel payments at anytime.


Simply use your PayID or a BSB and 9-digit account reference number to make payments.


Payments are managed within the secure Internet Banking environment.

How it works

PayTo can be used for a one-off or recurring payments on bills, subscriptions and online purchases. Here's how to get started:

Step 1

You provide a business or merchant with your Pay ID or BSB and 9-digit account reference number.

Step 2

The business or merchant will send you a PayTo Agreement which will appear in Internet Banking. We will send you an SMS and email to notify you.

Step 3

You login to Internet Banking to authorise or decline the PayTo Agreement.

Step 4

After you authorise a PayTo Agreement, you can easily pause, resume or cancel your payment at any time. All you have to do is login to Internet Banking.

Important information
  • The PayTo Agreement is the Payment Agreement, you as payer, establish with the business or merchant initiator, authorising Bank First to make payments.

  • A Business is an approved payment service provider who, whether acting on your behalf or a Merchant, is authorised by you to initiate payments from your account. A Merchant is a merchant with which you have established, or would like to establish, a PayTo Agreement.

  • It is important to read a PayTo Agreement carefully as this contains the terms and conditions of the payment.

  • Before you authorise a PayTo Agreement, you should check the amount specified in the Agreement and how often the amount will be taken from your account, for example once off or on a recurring basis.

  • PayID and PayTo are registered trademarks of NPP Australia Limited.

  • Please refer to our Internet Banking Terms and Conditions for more information about using PayTo.