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Transacting Overseas

Whether your trip is for work or leisure, changing between currencies can be complicated. The following tips on currency will help you make the most of your money overseas.

Transacting Overseas

Notify us of overseas travel

We’re providing a self-service option to make it easier for Bank First Members to inform us of upcoming travel plans via Internet Banking, enabling us to keep an eye out for unusual activity. Here’s what you need to know.

Log in to your Internet Banking account and select ‘Services’ and ‘Overseas Travel’ from the menu. You will need to provide a contact method while you’re overseas, the countries you plan to visit and the dates you’ll be away – that’s it! No more waiting on hold, just a quick and easy online form.

Use your Visa card overseas

Visa Debit and Credit Cards will be accepted anywhere the Visa logo is displayed, at millions of locations across the globe. Use your card at restaurants and retailers or find one of the ATMs in over 200 countries that will accept foreign Visa cards. If you choose to withdraw cash, it can be best to withdraw larger amounts at once as each foreign transaction may attract a fee.

To make purchases press ‘credit’ and enter your PIN or sign for the transaction.

To withdraw cash from an ATM select the ‘credit’ button and enter your PIN. This is a chargeable transaction; a fee of $2.50 is incurred on a pay per use basis.

Over the counter cash advances are accepted at any bank displaying the Visa logo. Photo identification will be required. This is a chargeable transaction; a fee of $2.50 is incurred on a pay per use basis. Note, cash advances from your Visa Credit Card incur interest from the date of the withdrawal.

Overseas banks may charge a fee for the use of their ATMs and for cash advances.

A conversion fee to Australian dollars of 3% of the transaction value, applies to all overseas Visa Debit/Credit Card transactions. Home Loan Package (Rewards & Premier Package) holders are exempt from the Currency Conversion Fee. Transactions on our Platinum Credit Card are also exempt from the Currency Conversion Fee.


What to do if your card is lost or stolen

You can stop your card instantly by going on to the Bank First App.

  1. Simply log in, click on Card Services from the home screen menu

  2. Select Manage cards

  3. Select Need help with your card?

You will then see the option to notify us that your card is lost, stolen or is damaged and needs replacing. You can also lock your card while you look for it, which restricts all purchases and withdrawals.

Before you leave on a trip, also make a note of your Visa Debit/Credit Card number(s) and the phone number you need to call if your card is lost or stolen overseas +61 3 4053 5555. Keep the phone number separate from your card. Alternatively, the Visa International toll-free number for your destination can be located via the Visa website.

Visa provides emergency assistance to all Visa cardholders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visa Global Assistance can arrange for an emergency cash advance of up to US$400.00 within 48 hours (higher amounts may take additional time). An emergency card can also be provided within 48 hours. A fee of $150 is applicable (this fee is waived for the Visa Platinum Credit Card, refer Terms and Conditions Part B).

Please note: PIN’s are not provided with emergency cards and so cannot be used in ATMs or for any other PIN transactions.


Prepaid Travel Cards

There are plenty of prepaid travel cards on the market, some with better terms than others. The advantage of these cards is that they are typically not linked to your normal accounts and are designed for overseas use.

Terms and Conditions

If you require further information, please call 1300 654 822 or +61 3 4053 5555 if calling from a mobile or overseas.