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Tackling Australia’s hygiene poverty crisis

Pinchapoo’s (short for Pinch-a-Shampoo) mission is to support Australian’s who experience hygiene poverty.

Everyday many Australians experience hygiene poverty, face the tough decision between buying hygiene products or feeding themselves and their family. 

At Bank First, we care and we empower. This doesn’t mean we care only for our customers in healthcare and education alike. We also care about their communities, whether you’re family, friends, patients or students. 

No one should go without hygiene essentials in any situation, let alone when they are vulnerable. That’s why Pinchapoo is such a great organisation that we support.

Who are Pinchapoo?

As the biggest national not-for-profit supplier of personal hygiene essentials, Pinchapoo’s (short for Pinch-a-Shampoo) mission is to support Australian’s who experience hygiene poverty. 

Each year products that have been discontinued or simply pulled off the shelves, are destined for landfill, even when they’re still usable.

To reduce waste, and support disadvantaged women, men and children, Pinchapoo redistributes more than 8.5million of these products each year to those in need. 

Working with over 600+ organisations, community groups and government institutions, they support Australians in need of hygiene products when they need them most.  

At Bank First, we’ve committed to supporting Pinchapoo through the provision of 25,000 hygiene packs.

Supporting Australians

Have you ever been in hospital in an emergency without your toothbrush or essentials?

Take Haley for example:
"I was admitted to hospital last year for unknown cramping, it turned out to be gallstones. The day I came out of surgery I got my period and I was told they only had one pad left for the entire ward.

“The next morning I asked another nurse for a pad or tampon (anything really) and was told I could go downstairs to the chemist. Meanwhile, I had a drain coming out of my stomach and was on a drip! I was physically unable to walk downstairs.

“Unfortunately, my only option was to wait for my partner to come later that morning and by that time I had bled through the gown and all of the bedding!

“I honestly couldn't have been more embarrassed! If only the ground could have opened up and swallowed me."  

An all too common story we hear is the lack of products for emergency patients who were obviously not planning on coming to hospital. 

Pinchapoo’s hygiene packs help patients retain their dignity while they experience stressful times. 

Mercy Health partnership 

Pinchapoo has partnered with Mercy Health to deliver 200 hygiene packs to Werribee Mercy Hospital to be distributed to patients in need. 

The nursing community in particular have stressed their need for essential hygiene products for patients that they are unable to provide due to limited to no stock.  

These packs can be used by anyone including emergency and at-risk patients, especially those who may be fleeing from family violence. 

“Having even a small burden lifted such as the availability of free hygiene items could be just the answer to help that person get through a particular day,” Emergency Mental Health Senior Clinician, Mr Dhliwayo says.

So far feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with our amazing nursing community being able to use these packs as a way to start a comforting conversation with their patients.

By connecting with their patients on a personal level, healthcare staff can really meet their patients’ needs and provide support for both their physical and mental well-being.

Pinchapoo are always in need of products to fill their amazing hygiene packs!

Next time you’re on a trip and pick up travel size shampoo, conditioner or soap, think about how it could help someone in need.

Visit to learn how you can donate your unused products to help those in need!