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  • How do I change my Internet Banking password?

    If you know your existing password:

    1. Login to Internet Banking > select Maintenance > select Change Password.
    2. Enter your existing and new password.

    Please note: all passwords are case sensitive. Make sure that you enter carefully and correctly.

    To reset your password, you will be required to have SMS Security registered on your account.

    To register for SMS Security, please contact us.

    If you’ve forgotten your password or locked yourself out of Internet Banking:

    1. Go to our Internet Banking login page > click Forgot your password?
    2. Enter your member number and date of birth.
    3. Select next > then click to get an SMS one-time password.
    4. Enter your SMS one-time password and your new Internet Banking password.
    5. Login to Internet Banking.

    If you do not receive you SMS one-time password please contact us.

  • How are the password requirements?

    Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least:

    • One upper case letter
    • One lower case letter
    • One number
    • One special character

    Your password must also not contain more than 2 repeated characters.

    For security reasons, your password must not relate to any readily accessible information such as your name, birth date or sequential number patterns. If it does, you may be liable for unauthorised transactions.

  • I didn’t get a SMS with my one-time password?

    If you do not receive you SMS one-time password please contact us.

  • I get the message 'your connection has timed out or been cancelled. Please re-enter your password'.

    After 10 minutes of inactivity, you will be logged out automatically and prompted to verify your password for security purposes.

  • How do I stop my browser from saving my Internet Banking password?

    Some browsers prompt you to save your Internet Banking password when logging on to Internet Banking.

    For security reasons, we recommend you never use this feature to store your Internet Banking password.

    This is important especially when using a public or shared computer as someone else could access your personal information without your knowledge.

    For instructions on how to stop this or manage your passwords, please refer to the below browser help sections for specific instructions:

    Please note, browser versions may vary so you may need to seek further information through the above resources.

  • My password has been stolen

    If your password has been stolen please contact us immediately.

  • Can my login password and Funds Transfer Password be the same?

    No, your Funds Transfer Password must be different from your Login Password. If you do not remember it, please contact us.

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