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BSB 704-191

How we protect your security

To ensure we provide you with a safe and secure Internet Banking service we have a number of security measures in place to protect you online.

Report a scam or fraud
  • To avoid any breach of Internet Banking security, access to your account will be locked after unsuccessful login attempts. If for any reason you have been locked out unintentionally, please contact us and we can remove the lockout for you.

  • Your Internet Banking session will automatically expire and log you out if there is inactivity for more than five minutes. This reduces the risk of anyone stealing your Internet Banking session.

  • We use encryption technology to ensure that your information is transmitted securely. Digital certificates are in place to verify the authenticity of our website and can be viewed by double-clicking on the padlock icon on your browser window.

  • With each successful login, the date and time of your last login as well as your last transfers can be viewed on the right-hand side of the Accounts and Balances screen. Please check these details to ensure that unauthorised parties have not accessed your account.

  • We regularly monitor online transactions and investigate for any anomalies to ensure that your online security is not compromised. Occasionally, this may involve us placing a suspicious transaction on hold for review or one of our staff members contacting you to verify a transaction.

    We also provide 24/7 Visa Card & NPP transaction monitoring for additional security and protection. Outside of business hours we utilise the services of Orion, a Queensland based Financial Crimes Service. Orion is a registered trademark of Indue Limited - a provider of financial payment products and services for Mutuals.

  • In addition to your login password, you can choose from one of the following free, easy to use security features for added protection when performing any of the following actions when banking online or on your mobile:

    • Adding a new payee for external funds transfer.

    • Adding a new BPAY Biller when making bill payments.

    • Updating contact details

    1. SMS Security is a free, easy-to-use service available to all Bank First Internet Banking customers with a mobile phone. To register for SMS Security, simply contact us on 1300 654 822.

    You will receive a One Time Password to your mobile phone within seconds when using the following Internet Banking services:

    • Adding a new payee for external funds transfer.

    • Adding a new BPAY Biller when making bill payments.

    • Updating contact details.

    The introduction of SMS Security is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure you have peace of mind when banking online by providing an additional level of protection against online identity theft and fraud. SMS Security means that even if your login ID and password fall into the wrong hands, you are still protected with an extra layer of security.

    2. Funds Transfer Password For Internet Banking users who do not have a mobile phone, or find it difficult to get mobile coverage, an additional password can be set-up for you to authenticate transactions. The Funds Transfer Password is entered using the on-screen keyboard, which will further enhance the security of our Internet Banking service. This is particularly useful when you are going overseas.

  • We automatically register your Visa Debit or Credit Card for the Verified by Visa service for added protection when shopping online. To ensure you have a safe online shopping experience always read the product description and fine print carefully, pay using a secure method such as PayPal, BPAY or your credit card, and do not store your credit card information during the payment process.