Self-Certification form

The Self-Certification form is able to be used by any overseas tax resident (of any country other than Australia) or U.S. person in order to correctly declare the overseas person tax residency status or U.S. person status to Bank First. Please note, for U.S. persons, the Self-Certification form can be used instead of any other U.S. issued form for this purpose, such as W-9 form. 

Instructions to complete the Self-Certification form are contained on the form itself, but in summary they require a declaration of the relevant overseas country and the applicable Tax Identification Number (TIN). Please note, that if you opt not to disclose details as required through the Self-Certification form, this may preclude our ability to open an account. In addition to this, Bank First may be legally obliged to disclose information relating to persons who are U.S persons or overseas tax residents, irrespective of whether a Self-Certification form has been completed. If you require further guidance or information about FATCA or US person requirements, please click here

Please click the following Self-Certification form link to download and print a copy of the Self-Certification form which can then be posted or emailed back to us.

The completed form can be emailed to: 
or posted to:
Bank First
PO Box 338 
Camberwell VIC 3124