BPAY and BPAY View®

BPAY is an easy and secure way to pay your bills with one payment method. You can choose when, how much and from which account to pay from.


Paying bills with BPAY

  • How do I pay with BPAY?

    Find the BPAY biller code and Customer Reference Number (CRN) on your bill.

    1. Login to Internet Banking
    2. Select Transfers
    3. Select BPAY Transfers
    4. Select From Account (the account you would like to pay with)
    5. Select New or Existing
    6. Enter the Biller code
    7. Enter the Customer Reference Number 
    8. Enter the Amount
    9. Select When and complete the payment
  • Where do I find the BPAY biller code and Customer Reference Number (CRN) on my bill?

    Biller Code 

    You can find it in the payment options section of your bill, usually on the back or second page. Look out for the BPAY logo. 

    Biller code

    Customer Reference Number (CRN) 

    A CRN is a unique number that the business that issued the bill uses to identify your account, or the invoice you are paying. You can find it in the payment options section of your bill, usually on the back or second page. Look out for the BPAY logo.

    Note: Your CRN may differ for each bill so ensure that you check the CRN on each bill when you pay it.

    Customer Reference Number

  • Is there a limit on BPAY payments?

    Yes. For Bank First, your daily BPAY transaction limit is $10,000 per account. Note that this may change for some billers that may set a minimum or maximum amount they accept from particular sources, such as credit card accounts.

  • Do I have to pay extra costs for using BPAY?

    This depends on whether your biller charges for the cost of processing payments. Your biller can tell you if, and how much, they charge for processing payments.

  • Can I schedule a payment for a later or recurring date

    Yes. You can also set up regular payments daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly for up to 12 months in advance.

    1. Login to Internet Banking
    2. Select Transfers
    3. Select BPAY Transfers
    4. Select From Account
    5. Select New or Existing
    6. Enter the Biller code
    7. Enter the Customer Reference Number
    8. Enter Amount
    9. Select When and choose Once On or Recurring
    10. Next and schedule the payment
  • How do I stop a scheduled payment?

    You can stop a future bill payment at any time up until the date it’s scheduled to take place. To do this, simply:

    1. Login to Internet Banking
    2. Select Transfers
    3. Select Future Payments
    4. Select Delete
    5. Confirm and select Delete
  • Can I add a new payee or new BPAY Biller using SMS Security while overseas?

    Yes, you can send and receive SMS while overseas if your handset and SIM card allow global roaming and the country you are in operates via a compatible network. Please check with your mobile phone provider.

What should I do if I have trouble using BPAY?

Below are some common issues that you may face and steps you can take.

  • My payment won't go through.

    Firstly, check that you’ve got the payment details right, including the Biller Code and the Customer Reference Number (CRN). You should also make sure that the business you are trying to pay accepts payments from the type of account you’re paying them from (for example, some businesses may not accept payments from credit card accounts).

    If this doesn’t work, contact us.

  • I made a mistake with my payment details.

    If you accidentally: 

    • paid too much
    • used the wrong Biller Code or Customer Reference Number (CRN)
    • accidentally paid the same bill twice.

    Contact us immediately and we’ll see if we can cancel the payment. 

    If you paid too little, simply make another payment to cover the difference. 

  • My biller hasn’t received my payment.

    Check the time you made the payment - you may have missed our cut-off time or made the payment on a weekend or public holiday, it won’t go through until the next Business Day.

    If your payment should have already gone through, contact us, with your BPAY receipt number handy.

  • I didn’t get what I paid for. Will I get a refund?

    Unlike for some card payments, we can’t get a refund for a BPAY payment if a business doesn’t deliver. Contact the business directly or talk to the consumer protection authorities in your state or territory.

  • I think a payment has been made that I didn’t authorise. What should I do?

    Contact us immediately.


  • What can I do with Bpay View?
    • View and pay your bills when it suits you, day or night.
    • Save, store and file your bills electronically - reducing paper wastage and helping the environment.
    • Print a copy of your bill for those times when you need it.
    • Still pay your bill through any payment method the Biller offers - BPAY is one easy option.
    • Choose which bills you want to receive via BPAY View and if you decide that you wish to return to receiving paper bills, it is easy to switch back.
  • Which bills can I receive with BPAY View?

    For an up to date list of active BPAY View Billers, visit the Bpay site www.bpay.com.au.

  • How do I register to receive a bill via BPAY View?
    1. Log onto Internet Banking
    2. Select Transfers
    3. Select BPAY View Bill Payments
    4. Select from the list of Billers available and enter the Bpay View registration number and other required information in the fields shown. All information can be found on your paper bill.
    5. You should have your paper bill with you when you complete the registration, as each Biller requires you to enter different information.
    6. Once you have submitted a registration for your Biller, it will be processed within approximately two working days.

    If your registration is successful, you can expect to receive your Bpay View bills at approximately the same time as you currently receive your paper bills. Your normal billing cycle will continue once you have registered with BPAY View.

    If your registration is unsuccessful you should firstly check that you have entered the required details exactly as they appear on your paper bill. Refer to the BPAY View Registration Step-by-Step Process section on the BPAY website for specific Biller information.

    If you require more information on why your registration was unsuccessful you will need to contact your Biller directly. Contact details for Billers can be obtained from the Biller’s details page in BPAY View.

  • How do I know when a bill is sent to me?

    You will receive an email from Bank First to notify you when a BPAY View bill arrives.

    The email will provide a simple notification that a Bpay View bill has been received for your Membership and will advise you to access Internet Banking to view the bill.

    In the interest of ensuring customer security is maintained, we remind customers never to respond to emails requesting your Internet Banking access details. If you receive an email requesting you to validate your details by clicking on a link you should delete this email immediately. Bank First does not send such emails to customers.

    You should ensure that your email address is kept up-to-date within Internet Banking. To view or change your email address within Internet Banking, go to the ‘Maintenance’ menu select 'Update Contact Details' and follow the prompts to change your contact details.

  • Is BPAY View safe to use?

    BPAY View and the BPAY payment facility are offered within the secure environment of our Internet Banking.

    BPAY and BPAY View have a framework of policies and procedures to ensure the billing company keeps your data and privacy protected. The registration process requires certain information to be provided to the Biller to verify that you are authorised to receive the bill.

    With Internet Banking, it is vital that you protect information such as your Member Number and Access Password. Always log onto our Internet Banking site by entering the full web address of Bank First (www.bankfirst.com.au) in your Internet browser - never follow a link in an email.

  • Are there any costs and/or fees to use the BPAY View service?

    No costs or fees apply to use BPAY or BPAY View.

  • What if I require a paper copy of my BPAY View bill?

    If you require a paper copy of your BPAY View bill, you are able to print a copy of your detailed bill.

  • How can I pay my BPAY View bill?

    By using BPAY View, paying your bills via BPAY becomes even simpler.

    By selecting the bill you wish to pay from your BPAY View summary bill list you can click on the "pay bill" option and your BPAY codes (the biller code and customer reference number for that bill) will be automatically entered.

    In addition to BPAY, you can still make a payment through any of the other options the Biller provides as shown on your detailed bill.

  • Will my bill be paid automatically?

    No. We do not offer Auto Pay.

  • How will I know if I have paid a BPAY View bill?

    All bills that are paid via BPAY View will be listed in the ‘Bills Record’ section of BPAY View, and just like any other transaction it will appear in your transaction list for the account from which you paid.

  • Will I still receive a paper bill from my Biller?

    This is dependent on the individual Biller. Billers may stop sending a paper bill as soon as you start receiving Bpay View bills or may provide both for a period of time.

    Some Billers may be required by law to continue to also send a paper bill. You should contact your Biller for further information.

  • How long will a bill be available within the Internet Banking site?

    Your BPAY View bill will be available on Internet Banking at least until your next BPAY View bill for that particular Biller arrives. Summary details of the bill will continue to be made available after this date allowing you to keep a record of your BPAY View bills. You can also save a copy of the detailed bill on your computer for future reference.

  • Can I cancel or stop receiving a BPAY View bill?

    Yes. Simply select ‘De-Register’ option for the particular Biller within the ‘My Billers’ section of BPAY View.

    This will instruct your Biller to stop sending your bills through BPAY View and delivery of your paper bills will resume. This will take approximately two days to be processed by the Biller.