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Search transactions & eStatements

Search Transactions

Find out more about your transactions with our search transactions feature. You can search and filter transactions from up to 18 months ago. 

Register for eStatements & eCommunications

  • Why should I register for eStatements and eCommunications?

    Registering is a great way to: 

    • Access your documents faster, anytime, anywhere at your convenience 24/7
    • View your documents within a reliable and secure environment
    • Store your documents electronically, in one location, and find what you are looking for easily
    • Save or print your documents as needed
    • Protect your personal information from postal identity theft
  • How do I register?

    You can register for eStatements and eCommunications via Internet Banking.

    1. Login to Internet Banking
    2. Select Statements
    3. Select eStatements & eCommunications Registration
    4. Tick eStatements
    5. Select OK
    6. Confirm and select OK
    7. You will then receive an email confirming you’ve been registered
  • Can I register for eStatements or eCommunications individually?

    No. When you register via Internet Banking, you will be registering for both eStatements and eCommunications.

  • Can I change my mind and have paper statements and notices again?

    Yes. You can deregister from eStatements and eCommunications at any time.

    1. Login to Internet Banking
    2. Select Statements
    3. Select eStatements & eCommunications Registration
    4. Tick Paper Statements
    5. Select OK
    6. Confirm and select OK
    7. You will then receive an email confirming the change.

    Please note, if you deregister you will no longer be able to view any documents online and you will revert to receiving paper based documents. We recommend you save a copy of your available statements and notices if you would like to retain a copy for future reference before you deregister.

  • Who can register for eStatements and eCommunications?

    Anyone who is registered for Internet Banking can register for eStatements and eCommunications.

  • How do I save or print a copy of my documents?

    Once your document is opened, click on either the 'Floppy disc' icon to save a copy to a preferred location on your computer, or the 'Printer' icon to print a copy of your document. Both icons are located in the top left corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can select the 'Save' option or the 'Print' option from within the 'File' menu tab located on the top left hand side of the screen.

  • How will I receive Slate and other material I currently receive with my statement?

    An electronic version of Slate (eSlate) will be delivered to your email address in place of the current version of Slate you receive. Any other notices and information will accompany your eStatement in an online format within the same PDF.

  • Can I view documents dated prior to my registration date?

    No. You will only be able to view your documents from the time of registration. Your document archive will grow month by month following your registration.


eStatements are your account statements delivered electronically via Internet Banking. eStatements contain a list of transactions during the time period for your accounts (usually monthly unless you have requested otherwise). 


eCommunications are notices, documents and other communication delivered electronically via Internet Banking or email.

What should I do if I have trouble with eStatements and eCommunications?

Below are some common issues that you may face and steps you can take.

  • What happens if I don't receive an email notification when a document is ready to view?

    If for any reason you do not receive any email notification, you will still be able to view your documents when you log into Internet Banking. Go to the ‘Accounts’ menu and select the 'View eStatements or eCommunications' tab. 

    If you don't receive an email notification you must:

    1. Check that your mailbox is not full
    2. Check that your nominated email address is correct within Internet Banking. If the address is incorrect you can update your email address via the Maintenance tab in Internet Banking
    3. Contact us

    To ensure that the email notification is always sent to the right address, please confirm your preferred email address at the time of registration.

  • Why can't I view my document?

    eStatements and eCommunications will be PDF files therefore you will need a compatible PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader to view the document on your computer.

    Download a free version of the latest Adobe Reader software to view your documents.