Travel and Foreign Exchange

International Funds Transfers and exchanges made easy.

Travelling should be easy, but sometimes organising finances overseas can be difficult.

That’s exactly why Bank First offers International Funds Transfers that can clear in as little as three business days.

We offer:

  • Transfers in over 100 currencies.
  • Competitive exchange rates and;
  • The right expertise to make sure you’re doing things right.

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Inbound deposits

An incoming overseas deposit allows you to receive foreign currency into your account that is then converted into Australian dollars (AUD). Receiving foreign currency from an overseas account is easy. We can provide indicative incoming exchange rates and can accept up to 16 currencies.

Simply visit the American Express Portal, complete the online form and then send the information provided to your payment sender.

Some quick reminders:

  1. It is essential to include 'FFC Bank First (Full Name & Member Number)' in the payment notes.
  2. When sending funds in a foreign currency, please advise the sending Financial Institution that the transfer must remain in the same currency and NOT be converted. This can also be included in the ‘Payment Notes’. Bank First will arrange the conversion to AUD through our partners at American Express.
  3. American Express no longer facilitate International Payments received in Australian Dollars, transfers received in Australian Dollars will be rejected back to the sending Financial Institution.
  4. American Express accounts are currency specific, sending the incorrect currency to an account may result in automatic conversion or double conversion and the exchange rate may be subject to the discretion of the remitting or intermediary bank.1

To obtain an indicative incoming exchange rate or if you require further information please call one of our consultants on 1300 654 822 or +61 3 4053 5555 (if you are overseas).

Foreign currency

Visit or call us a week or two before you leave and we can provide you with the foreign cash you require with a choice of over 60 currencies.2

Use your Cash Passport to pay in foreign currency when you are travelling overseas and for online purchases.

International Draft

Securely send funds overseas by using a bank cheque in the required foreign currency, with over 16 currencies to choose from. Make the cheque payable to a recipient that allows them to deposit it into their account – you can order and we will make them available in five business days.

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We’re here to help.

Call one of our consultants on 1300 654 822 or +61 3 4053 5555.

Terms and Conditions

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Part B - Fees and Charges

Important Information

1. This may result in foreign exchange loss.
2. Your foreign cash will be available for collection within 48 hours from our branches.