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Building brighter futures

As a bank founded by teachers, we understand the pivotal role education plays in thriving communities.

As a bank founded by teachers, we understand the pivotal role education plays in thriving communities. That's why we partner with The One Box. Sharing common values, we're addressing food insecurity head-on while also making a difference in education. 


Empowering communities 

Through The One Box program, we're ensuring that children have more than just meals – they have access to nutritious food, setting the stage for success in the classroom. By easing hunger, we're helping students concentrate on their studies and reach their full potential. This holistic approach to education is vital for nurturing resilient communities. 

The program brings about: 

  • Improved academic performance: With consistent access to healthy meals, we're fostering better academic outcomes for students. 

  • Enhanced attendance: Hunger shouldn't hinder school attendance. By addressing food insecurity, we're ensuring students are present and engaged in their learning. 

  • Support for educators: Our collaboration with The One Box also supports educators, who are crucial in nurturing students' well-being. By providing resources to families in need, we're empowering teachers to focus on teaching. 

Every week, our joint efforts deliver fresh, locally sourced food to families facing hardship throughout the entire school year. Whether it’s due to the rising cost of living, relationship breakdown, violence, disability, illness or injury – our partnership ensures no one is left behind. 


Making a meaningful impact 

Over the years, we've witnessed tangible results – thanks to our collective efforts, we’ve provided essential food boxes to 15 ongoing and new families year on year (or equating 97 families over that time) Here's what some families had to say: 

What our families say...

“At least you know someone is caring for you, and to have this in your mind and to have this as a benefit, it’s like your emotional health is getting on some normal level because you know that someone is there for you.” Program beneficiary

What our families say...

“Since receiving The One Box, the kids haven’t gone to school with no lunch, or having to have emergency lunch from the school, so that’s a big help.” Program beneficiary

“Without The One Box I would not have survived this far. It has helped my family more than they realise. It allows my children to be like other kids and have fruit in their lunch boxes and have sandwiches instead of me having to make pancakes for bread. They don’t realise how much it means to people who have nothing. You are so grateful someone cares.” Program beneficiary

Our commitment

Since our partnership began in 2020, Bank First has remained unwavering in our support for The One Box's mission. Through our contributions totaling $48,200, we've helped distribute over 3,800 food boxes to those in need. In 2023 alone, our $10,000 donation assisted 20 families, underscoring our ongoing dedication to making a positive impact in education and beyond. 

From improved nutrition to enhanced well-being, our collaboration with The One Box is truly changing lives across Australia. 

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