New research shows Australian teachers are underappreciated and overworked in the classroom

We partnered with Monash University Faculty of Education to support one of the largest studies into the perceptions of the teaching profession by both teachers and the public.

As one of the pillars of our society, it is important to understand and highlight the triumphs and challenges our educators are facing.

Key Findings

Monash research on teachers Monash research on teachers Monash research on teachers


This research has highlighted that nearly three-quarters of teachers surveyed feel underappreciated in the classroom and struggle with workload. 

Of those surveyed, many pointed to the burden of an excessive workload and increasing administrative tasks outside of classroom hours that take up precious family time, and ongoing cases of extreme stress. 

While the report revealed the increasing challenges our educators are facing, it also highlighted that the public’s confidence in educators is overwhelming, with 93% of 1,000 members of the public surveyed saying they trust teachers to do good job in the classroom.

As a customer owned bank that was founded to support the financial wellbeing of teachers, supporting teachers and the wider education community is important to us. That’s why the Bank First Community Fund was proud to support this important research.

If you would like to say ‘thanks’ for the inspiring and significant contribution that teachers make to society, we encourage you to check out the Monash #ThankYourTeacher campaign, orchestrated by the University’s Faculty of Education, to drive community acknowledgement for our hard working teachers. 

For over 4 decades Bank First has been financially empowering educators to realise their dreams. We are proud of the positive impact our continued presence at the grassroots of education has on the financial wellbeing of our community. Over the past 10 years we are proud to have contributed over $4.7m to support the education sector through donations, sponsorships, partnerships and important research projects like this.