New Chief Executive Officer

Join us in welcoming Michelle Bagnall as the new CEO of Bank First

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am very pleased to announce that Michelle Bagnall has commenced as the CEO of Bank First.

Michelle succeeds outgoing CEO William Wolke, who retired in October 2020 after 18 years at Bank First. William was instrumental in overseeing the ongoing success and growth of the organisation, as well as being the committed and caring custodian of a great success story and I would like to thank him for his significant contribution.

Michelle comes to us from leading RACQ Bank. Michelle has an extensive background in financial services leading customer and business strategy, major corporate projects, credit risk, sales and customer facing teams.

With our culture being a critical component of our story, Michelle was able to demonstrate a positive alignment to our values and culture including leadership attributes highlighting a strong people focus. Michelle is also drawn to our focus on people in the education and healthcare sectors who build community.

“I am excited to be joining Bank First and to lead another purpose-driven, mutual bank that puts their members first.  That community-focused culture always starts with the people inside the organisation and I’m looking forward to working with the team.”
- Michelle Bagnall

On behalf of the Board, we are delighted to have Michelle lead us towards continued growth and sustainability in the future, whilst remaining true to our values around enabling our customers to achieve their best outcomes.

Bernie Lloyd
Chair of Board