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At our core, we are an organisation founded on values and exist to support people who put others first. 

In response to feedback from the education community, wider marketplace and validated by extensive research, we changed our name to ‘Bank First’ in December 2017.

Our Approach

Changing names was not a decision that we took lightly. Our research found that many educators felt  

‘Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank’ was limiting and believed they could not bank with us as they were not ‘teachers’.  Similarly, very few actually understood what a mutual bank was and therefore did not consider us for their financial needs.

We wanted an inclusive name to reflect an approach to banking that is about more than just profit, one that  cares for people and helps to strengthen our community.
We sat down with teachers and asked them why they became educators and what they valued most in life. Throughout these discussions it became clear that they invested much of their own time and energy into  others – the kind of people who put others first.

From this our new name was born. 

A New Look with Meaning

Bank First

Our new logo is based on the ‘powerful owl’; a native animal, which is most prominent in South East Australia. It symbolises wisdom and knowledge, which is a natural link to the educators we serve. 

Our strapline ‘invested in you’ continues to demonstrate our commitment to our customers.

Our Journey Continues 

In 1972, our 48 founders created an organisation, owned entirely by its customers, that cared about people and what they did for the community. 

Although our name has changed, our commitment to you, our customers, remains the same. 

Our support of the education sector has not changed. 

We continue to support the same organisations through sponsorships, donations, grants, awards and our very own Teaching Initiatives Program.

From our first loan to a single mother for a bond to acquire housing for herself and her two children, to the more than 100,000 customers we serve today, we are proud to be  driven by the same care and compassion as when we started.

Enhanced website

Website enhancements

The launch of our new name also coincided with the launch of a new website, with an improved user experience, navigation and design. The new site better caters for our customers’ needs and enables future personalisation. Our App, Mobile and Internet Banking were also updated to continue to improve the customer experience online.