Credit Card Security

With a credit card you will always have funds at your fingertips, but you want to be able to use it without worrying about compromising the security of your card. Credit card fraud can escalate quickly so you need to be vigilant.

Below are some tips we can suggest to keep your credit card details safe:

Monitor your account
Always monitor your balance closely, using your statements and Phone, Mobile or Internet Banking. If you see any abnormal charges, contact us immediately. Don’t disregard small charges you don’t recognise. Some scammers will make a very small initial charge on your credit card to test if it works before trying for a larger sum. Others have made millions by making micro charges on thousands of cards, relying on the owners not reporting the discrepancy.

Be on the alert
Scammers can be very sophisticated and persuasive. Some might pose as callers from your bank or other financial institutions, convincing you to divulge your credit card number and security code over the phone. If someone calls you purporting to be from our bank and asking for these kinds of details, politely refuse and contact us to report it. We will never call and ask for your credit card information.

Online and email scams are increasingly common. Investing in good antivirus and security software will help prevent scammers from installing spyware onto your computer that allows them to steal your credit card details.

Shop wisely online
Many credit card scams start online. When shopping or even browsing, try to frequent secure websites recognisable by the padlock icon in the toolbar or the https tag in the website address. When making a payment, make sure the page is secure before entering your details. You should also avoid using your credit card on public computers in case of keylogger software that might record your numbers. If you receive a spam email, avoid spyware by never clicking on enclosed links.

Act quickly if your card is lost or stolen
If your card is misplaced or has been stolen, acting quickly will limit the damage. Having your card cancelled immediately will frustrate potential thieves or scammers and prevent you from incurring fraudulent charges on your card. Visit lost or stolen cards for more information.

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