Our transaction fees explained 

As a customer-owned bank, we are committed to helping you manage your funds easily and at low cost.

Our transactions have been grouped into three categories:

  • Unlimited Free Transactions - can be used as often as you like without incurring fees.
  • Limited Free Transactions - Can be used in line with your monthly quote.
  • When you have exceeded your limited free transactions, each transaction thereafter is charged the applicable fee.
  • Pay Per Use Transactions - are charged on a pay per use basis.

By using as many ‘Unlimited Free Transactions’ as possible and your allocation of ‘Limited Free Transactions’ you can minimise the fees you pay and transact fee-free. ‘Pay Per Use Transactions’ should be avoided where possible.

Our different transaction groups, transaction allowances and the associated transaction fees are outlined below

Transaction fees Transaction fees

Important Information

Some ATM withdrawals may be charged at the time of transaction by the ATM operator.

Title Description
Changes to Bank First fees (PDF) We have recently reviewed our fees. As a customer owned bank we are committed to providing you with a fair deal to deliver the best outcome for our customers.