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Further Information on Internet & Email Security

  • Further Information

    For further information about Internet and email security, visit the following websites:

  • Statement for Participants/Identified Institutions Customer Communications

    We have become aware that there has been a cyber attack at another financial institution which has resulted in the disclosure of PayID details of other banks’ customers.

    The attackers will not be able to access bank accounts since no passwords or credentials are available from the PayID database.

    Please be aware that SMS phishing attempts using hacked data could occur – for example, you may receive a personalised message from the attackers which looks like a legitimate message from us or another bank, in an attempt to acquire your banking credentials and password.  

    You should be cautious of any unusual SMS activity and never click on a link in a random message. Please call us on 1300 654 822 if you receive a suspicious SMS message.