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SMS Security & Alerts

SMS Security

SMS Security, also know as two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an additional layer of security when using Internet Banking. An SMS one-time password is sent to your mobile phone when completing various Internet Banking activities.

What should I do if I have trouble using SMS Security?

Below are some common issues that you may face and steps you can take.

SMS and Email Alerts

SMS and Email Alerts easily allow you to monitor your accounts 24/7. You can request specific information on account balances, deposits and withdrawals to be sent to you automatically via SMS and email.

  • What can I use SMS alerts for?

    Choose from the following alerts:


    • Savings or Investment account balance is below or above a nominated balance
    • Loan or Overdraft account balance is below or above a nominated balance
    • A Credit or Deposit transaction is more than nominated amount
    • A Debit or Withdrawal transaction is more than the nominated amount

    Overdue Payments

    • A Loan Repayment is overdue
    • Credit Card payment is overdue

    Payment Notifications 

    • A change in Daily Debit Limit
    • A Direct Debit was made
    • A Pension or Government Agency deposit
    • A payroll deposit
    • An unsuccessful Future Dated Payment
    • Payment due date for a Credit Card/Overdraft account
    • Notification of a change in loan repayment amount

    Account Updates

    • An upcoming maturing Term Deposit
    • A change in cash advance rate on a Credit Card account
  • How do I register for alerts?
    1. Login to Internet Banking
    2. Select Services
    3. Select Alerts
    4. Select a default account
    5. Click submit
  • How do I setup an alert?
    1. Login to Internet Banking
    2. Select Services
    3. Select Alerts
    4. Click New Alert
    5. Select your account, e.g. '11111S1 - John Person'
    6. Choose type of Alert
    7. Click Next
    8. Tick the appropriate Alert Detail
    9. Select your contact method (Email or SMS)
    10. Click Save
  • Will I be charged for using SMS and email alerts?
    • SMS Alerts are $0.25 per SMS
    • Email alerts are free
  • Do I need to activate SMS Security for SMS Alerts?

    Yes, you must activate SMS Security in order to use SMS Alerts. SMS Alerts is an optional service.

  • Can I modify or cancel my SMS and Email Alerts settings?

    Yes. You can modify or cancel your Alerts at any time through Internet Banking.

    1. Login to Internet Banking
    2. Select Services
    3. Select Alerts
    4. Select your existing Alert
    5. Alter the appropriate Alert Detail
    6. Select your contact method (Email or SMS)
    7. Click Save
  • Will I receive SMS Alerts while overseas?

    Yes. You can send and receive SMS whilst overseas if your handset and SIM card allow global roaming and the country you are in operates via a compatible network. Please check with your mobile phone provider.

  • Can I receive SMS Alerts from more than one mobile phone?

    No. SMS Services must be requested and received by the mobile phone that is registered for your Internet Banking profile.