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  • Can I access internet banking while overseas?

    Yes. So long as you have access to a PC with a browser and access to the Internet.

  • Can I amend a payment that has already been scheduled for a future date?

    Yes. Future dated payments can be edited or deleted via the 'Transfers' menu and selecting 'Future Payments' in Internet Banking.

  • Can I schedule a one-off payment or recurring payments for future dates?

    Yes. You can choose the payment frequency, date of first payment and date of last payment (for scheduled recurring payments) by selecting the 'Recurring' option on the transfers page. If you want to create a permanent recurring payment with no end date, simply select the 'No end date' field.

  • Can I transfer funds to another Bank First member instantly?

    Yes. On the 'Transfer Money' page, select 'Pay New Account and enter BSB 704-191, recipient's account number and account name ensuring surname is correct. This will be recognised as another Bank First account and the transfer will be processed instantly.

  • How do I use Bpay?

    If you're already registered for Phone Banking or Internet Banking, it's an easy 3-step process. 1. Look for the Bpay logo on each bill. 2. If you are using Bpay via Phone Banking: Call 1300 654 822 and select option 1 to access Phone Banking. Follow the prompts and select the option '5' (to pay your bills via Bpay). 3. If you are using Bpay via Internet Banking: Visit our website at www.bankfirst.com.au. Click on the Internet Banking 'log on' link to access our Internet Banking service. Select the 'Transfers' menu and select 'Bpay Transfers'. Follow the simple instructions and wait for a receipt number.

  • I am no longer required to use an on-screen keyboard to login to Internet Banking. Is this secure?

    The on-screen keyboard has been removed due to consistent customer feedback that it was difficult to log in to Internet Banking on a desktop computer. The two fields required to access Internet Banking - Member number and password, remain the same. Typing these using a keyboard is an equally secure method of logging in to Internet Banking as using a mouse on the floating keyboard.

  • Is a Bpay service provided by Bank First's Internet Banking?

    Yes. You can access BPAY by clicking on the 'Transfers' menu and selecting 'BPAY Transfers' . To use Bpay you will need these details shown on the bill: The Bpay biller code. Your Customer Reference Number. The payment amount.

  • When I request a transfer of funds, does the funds movement reflect in my account balances immediately?

    Yes. Funds Transfer Internal adjusts the associated accounts online, thus these funds will become available for other uses.

    For Funds Transfer External, where a 'Transfer Now" payment request is made after 4:30pm, or outside of business hours, your payment will be sent on the next business day.

  • What can I do with Bpay?

    You can pay your bills via once-off payments, or you can set up regular payments to Bpay billers. You can also use Bpay to help you bank fee-free as Bpay is a free transaction.