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Website FAQs

  • I can't access the website www.bankfirst.com.au via Internet Explorer, but can access with all other browsers.

    This issue is caused by compatibility view in internet Explorer, please follow the instructions below required to resolve the issue:

    1. Go to Tools (Click the alt key on your computer if the toolbar is hidden).
    2. Check Compatibility view settings is unticked (If ticked untick by clicking the word compatibility view).
    3. Go to Compatibility view settings (via tools menu).
    4. Check if bankfirst.com.au OR www.bankfirst.com.au is in the 'websites you've added to compatibility view' and or display all websites in compatibility view is ticked.
    5. If so please highlight the url and click remove and untick display all websites in compatibility view.
    6. Click close and try again. If you are still having an issue please contact the Member Contact Centre on 1300 654 822.