How to Pay Bills

Bills are one of life’s true certainties. Paying bills on time will make sure they don’t get out of hand and you won’t incur any fines or damage your credit rating. Setting aside a budget to cover bills means they will not infringe on your everyday funds. Use one of the following methods to pay your bills quickly and securely:

  • Visa Debit, Visa Platinum and Visa Classic Credit Cards

    Use a Visa card to easily pay your bills by entering your card number, security code and expiration date. Use the Visa Debit card to pay bills using your own money. 

    With the Visa Platinum or Visa Classic Credit Cards, you can pay your bills from wherever you are.

  • BPAY

    BPAY is a simple, fast and safe way to pay your bills. Your bills will have a BPAY section with a biller code and reference number. Use these details to transfer money via Internet, Mobile or phone banking services.

  • Direct Debit

    With Direct Debit you can pay your bills on time without having to think about it. This easy system involves a systematic transfer of funds from your account on an agreed date so you don’t have to arrange and verify the payment every time.

  • Regular Payments

    In a similar way to direct debit, you can set up regular authorised payment to transfer a set amount to a third party account at a set time. These kind of automated payments are ideal for regular bills such as electricity and water.

  • Personal Cheque Book

    Use cheques to pay your bills and keep an easy record of all of your payments. Apply for a personal Cheque Book through us and get the convenience of our automatic re-ordering when you approach the end of your Cheque Book.

    Paying your bills on time is easy with our help. To arrange payment options, call our consultants on 1300 654 822 or use our web chat.