Find out more about the Guidelines and FAQs on how to apply for the grant.

  • What is the Teaching Initiatives Program?
    The Teaching Initiatives Program (TIP) was developed to support schools and preschools with their goals of encouraging excellence in education and to bring innovative teaching initiatives to life. Grants are available to support such initiatives. 
  • What is the Bank First Community Fund?
    The Bank First Community Fund exists to support those who make a difference in our community, through the provision of awards, sponsorships, partnerships and grants. Find out more.
  • Who is eligible to apply?
    The program is open to all customers of Bank First working in Victorian schools and preschools.
  • What do the successful applicants receive?
    A share of $30,000 in funding for education related initiatives. The amount granted depends on the needs of each initiative but has ranged from $200 - $2,000 in previous years.
  • What is considered an initiative?
    New ideas and methods of teaching that support enhanced student learning outcomes are considered initiatives. Ideas need to come under 1 of the 4 categories: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, Sustainability, Engage with Asia or General Curriculum. 

    The purchase of computers and software is not considered a teaching initiative, however the development of software that may be used by students or staff will be considered for a grant. The payment of wages for personnel is also not considered a teaching Initiative. Further, introducing a program that is in place at another school or institution is not considered a Teaching Initiative. New ideas and methods of teaching are initiatives.
  • Are there categories for entry?
    Yes, our Teaching Initiatives Program provides funding to support the education community in the following areas:

     Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.
    Engage with Asia.
    General Curriculum.
  • How are the applications judged?
    The TIP judging panel review all applications and select winners based on their level of innovation and, student welfare benefits and support of student learning outcomes. 
  • What information must I include in my submission to meet the criteria?
    The criteria for submitting an application includes:

    A brief outline of the initiative and its purpose.
    Description of the learning outcome and how it will be demonstrated.
    The proposed timeline and the costs involved.
    The personnel involved with implementing the initiative.

    See a complete overview of TIP and the Submission Criteria.
  • Who is on the TIP judging panel?
    The TIP judging panel is made up of Bank First Directors and senior members of staff.
  • Do I need to supply quotes with costing details in my application?
    No. You should break down the total cost of your initiative, however quotes are not necessary. An estimated cost for each part of the initiative will suffice for the application, however please remember to include GST in your estimates of cost. If your application is successful, you will be asked to provide a review of your initiative following implementation of your program.
  • How much can I apply for?
    Grants to successful applicants have historically ranged between $200 and $2,000.
  • How many schools/preschools will be awarded a grant?
    Historically, the allocation has been shared by approximately 20 schools and preschools.
  • Is TIP open to all Victorian Government, Catholic and Independent Victorian schools?
    Yes, TIP is open to all customers of Bank First working in Victorian schools and preschools.
  • I have applied to the TIP in the past and was unsuccessful. Can I apply again?
    Yes. You may apply for the TIP as many times as you like, however it should be noted that each year the calibre of applications is improving. If you plan to resubmit a previous application and your initiative has been unsuccessful in the past, it may be worthwhile rethinking some aspects of your initiative, or perhaps rewriting your application to better highlight the educational benefits of your initiative.
  • I have applied to the TIP in the past and was successful. Can I apply again?
    Yes. You may apply as many times as you like.
  • When will applicants find out the result of their application?
    Applicants will be notified in late May or early June regarding whether their application was successful. Successful applicants will also be posted on our website.
  • If I am successful in my application, when will I receive my grant?
    Your local Relationship Officer will arrange a visit to your school/preschool to present your TIP funding cheque and certificate after the winners are announced. A presentation to all staff will be conducted, either at a staff meeting or during the school day.

    Grant cheques will not be sent early, or via the mail.
  • I have already begun my initiative earlier in the year. Can retrospective payments be made?
  • I would like to submit an application for a program I wish to run next year, can I still apply?
    Yes. You may apply to the TIP in advance of the commencement of your program.
  • Other important details:
    • Your proposal must be submitted via the online application form.
    • You MUST answer all questions marked with an asterix.
    • Successful applicants will be expected to supply an evaluation of their award to Bank First in September 2021. This should not exceed two A4 typed pages.
    • All submissions will become the property of Bank First and may be distributed and/or promoted via publications such as Slate, eSlate, website, Annual Review, newsletters to volunteer networks etc, or in a published format as Bank First may deem appropriate.

Ready to apply?

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This initiative is proudly supported by the Bank First Community Fund.