As a customer owned bank, we exist for the benefit of our customers and balance the needs of both depositors and borrowers to ensure we offer a fair deal across all products. 

Following a recent review of our interest rates, we will decrease our home loan, personal loan and credit card interest rates, along with our savings account and select term deposit rates, effective Friday 21 June.

An overview of the interest rate reductions is below. Further details will follow to affected customers: 

Home Lending – Owner Occupied and Investor: 

  • 0.25% p.a. reduction on our Standard Home Loan. 
  • 0.16% p.a. reduction on our Premier Package Home Loan.
  • 0.08% p.a. reduction on our Complete Home Loan.
  • 0.07% p.a. reduction on our First Rate Home Loan.
  • 0.15% p.a. reductions on our other variable Home Loan rates. 
  • Up to 0.30% p.a. reductions on our fixed Home Loan rates. 

Credit Cards

  • 0.15% p.a. reduction on our Classic and Platinum Credit Cards.

Personal Loans

  • 0.15% p.a. reduction on Personal Loans.

Savings Accounts: 

  • Up to 0.20% p.a. reduction on select Savings Accounts. 

Term Deposits: 

  • Up to 0.20% p.a reduction on select Term Deposit rates.