Changes to Bank First fees

We listened to your feedback and we’re proud to announce we have reviewed our transaction fees. As a result, a new fee structure was implemented on 1 March 2020.

As a customer owned bank we are committed to providing you with a fair deal to deliver the best outcome for our customers. Here are the highlights of our new fee structure:

No more transaction fees

Transactions that were previously Limited Free Transactions each month (e.g. 6 EFTPOS) are now Free and Unlimited. This includes:

    Purchases on Visa Debit Card by pressing ‘credit’ and purchases over the phone or internet.
  • EFTPOS transactions (pressing ‘savings’ or ‘cheque’).
  • ATM withdrawals within Australia.
  • Bank@Post withdrawals.
  • Personal Cheques.

Free overseas currency conversion

You will no longer incur a Currency Conversion Fee, whether you are overseas or purchasing online, if you:

  • Are using a Visa Platinum Credit Card, or
  • Are a Home Loan Package (Rewards Package and Premier Package) holder using any card type (Visa Debit, Classic Credit and Platinum Credit Card).

For a summary of all new and amended fees, view the Changes to Bank First fees.

For a full list of fees, please refer to our Terms and Conditions Part B: Fees and Charges.