CEO Column

Reflections from Michelle Bagnall

It’s been two months since I first put my feet under the desk here at Bank First, and already I feel settled in and almost like I’ve arrived ‘home’.

As a customer-owned bank, we exist for the people who care about others and who build community. I have had the privilege over the past few weeks of meeting many of our people and our Members. I’ve seen first-hand the genuine care our people have for each other and the way in which they care for our Members, really living and breathing our values. It’s not often you find a bank where customers are truly the epicenter of all our decisions.

Knowing who we are here for, will be at the heart of our future. Truly understanding what our Members need from us and what makes us different to the other banks, will be the anchor point for every decision we make.

Our 49 year history will be firmly on our minds as we move into an exciting future.

The experiences of the past 12 months have been another example of how we focus on helping our Members through good times and tough ones too. Through devastating bushfires, floods and managing through the hardships of COVID-19, it is amazing to see how this Bank has pulled together to support people during these difficult times, with the same care and compassion the Bank was borne from.

As we look further into 2021, Bank First will continue to focus on putting our Members first. We know that our job is to care for the ‘people who care’ and we are passionate about supporting our community and giving back.

I want to also take this opportunity to thank my predecessor William Wolke for his 18 years of service to Bank First. This is a bank with a strong foundation and a clear sense of why we exist – our Members.

Our future is bright and it will be designed by what matters to you, our Members. We know we can’t achieve this alone and our goal is to continue to engage with you and build our future together.