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CBA ATM withdrawal fees waived

After the recent Commonwealth Bank announcement we are pleased to inform you that withdrawals from Commonwealth Bank ATMs have been removed from our transaction fee program, effective 1 October 2017.

This means you can make unlimited withdrawals from ATMs Australia-wide without incurring a fee from the Mutual Bank.

Please note that some banks and some ATMs will still charge you a fee to use their ATMs, however this fee will be disclosed at the ATM. Charges will still apply if you use an ATM to make a withdrawal with your Mutual Bank card(s) overseas.

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, it’s estimated that Australians paid $500 million in ATM fees last financial year and we know there are much better ways for you to spend your money, such as going out with family and friends.

We are proud to continue to keep fees as low as possible, with the overwhelming majority of customers banking fee-free.

You may choose to save or invest the extra money going back into your pocket, which is where we can help with our savings accounts too.

Find out more about how to access your funds with ease here.