As a customer owned bank, we exist to support the financial wellbeing of our customers. This is achieved not only through our products and services, but our people. 

We are proud of our culture and empower our people to foster an outstanding experience for our customers whilst ensuring our heritage remains an integral part of who we are.

Supporting the Transition to Bank First

As part of the transition to Bank First, engaging our people was key. A change and engagement strategy was developed to ensure that our people understood the Bank First story and were able to be an integral part of the change and our evolving journey.

Ongoing transformational actions have also been an important focus to continue the engagement of our people. Our values and culture were key anchor points to support our name change. 

To support the evolution to Bank First and future growth, we have continued our detailed approach to Workforce Planning to ensure that our resource capability aligns with our needs. As a result, we have made a number of key decisions to enhance capability and inject new talent, ensuring the best experience for our customers. 


The culture and values of Bank First are the pillars of our customer first approach and are what set us apart from other banks. A critical component of this is strong engagement of our people.

To continue to measure and improve engagement, an Engagement Survey was conducted in early 2018, our first since our transition to Bank First. Overall, our engagement result was very positive and favourable.

Living our Values

Last year we reviewed our values and are proud to confirm that these are lived daily by our people – a testament to their inherent foundation in the Bank First culture. 

Our values are the heart of Bank First and a key reason why our people dedicate themselves to putting the needs of our customers first.

Our Values

We Care

We listen to our customers and do all we can to meet their needs.

We support our people to be their best.

We learn and grow

We are passionate about building our collective knowledge.

We actively seek to be agile and great.

We empower

We enable our people and customers to achieve the best outcomes by being consistent and present.

We do it for the customer

We stand out by being authentic and honest.

We are proud to do the right thing for our customers.

Recognising Achievements & Development

Our Employee Recognition Program ‘RAVE’ (Recognising Achievements & Valuing Employees) continues to celebrate achievements of our people across Bank First, with ‘RAVE Café’ introduced to assist with internal networking.

Leadership Development was a key focus, with tailored programs offered, including our very own ‘Learning, Emerging And Progressing’ (LEAP) program.

These initiatives are an important part of how we can continue to improve our service offering for the benefit of our customers.