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Delivering value to customers continues to be our focus in such a competitive marketplace, given we are in a historically low interest rate environment. This was achieved by providing some of the most competitive interest rates on our loans and deposits, particularly in comparison to the major banks. Our priority is to help both borrowers and savers achieve their financial goals and we have been able to do this with growth reflected in both loans (5.29%) and deposits (8.41%).

Growth of Bank First has been steady over the past financial year, with total assets increasing by 8.14% and total equity by 6.3%. Our capital base strengthened, with a capital adequacy ratio of 15.58%, which will help us to grow Bank First going forward. A net profit of $11.9m was delivered, based on sound management of the balance sheet, interest margin and expenditure.

Our good financial results place us in a strong position to reinvest back into the business for the financial benefit of our customers, through enhanced services, products, pricing and technology, allowing us to remain a competitive contender in the financial services industry. Importantly, it will also help us plan and invest in the future of Bank First and continue to position us as a strong banking alternative.

Bank First Financial Results 2017/18 Bank First Financial Results 2017/18