Our top 5 password security tips

And why they are so important

One of the most essential ways to protect your personal details online is to ensure your passwords are highly secure.

And while we have many security and privacy measures in place to deter fraudsters from accessing your banking details, online security is a team effort.

Here are our top 5 password security tips to help keep your online banking details safe and secure:

  1. Change your passwords regularly.
  2. When selecting a password, complex is best! We suggest you use a combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters and at least one special character, e.g. Rf3Tg#1d8w.
  3. Keep your passwords confidential.
  4. Never access Internet Banking or the Bank First App using an unknown WiFi connection such as at a public library or café. These connections are often unsecure, increasing the risk of hackers intercepting your passwords and data.
  5. Use different passwords for each account/service.

How to update your Bank First Internet Banking password

  1. Visit bankfirst.com.au and click ‘Login’.
  2. Select ‘Forgot your password?’ and enter your Member Number and Date of Birth.
  3. Select ‘Next’ and then click to get an SMS One Time Password.
  4. Enter your SMS One Time Password.
  5. Enter your new Internet Banking password.

Please note that for security reasons, once you update your Internet Banking password, you’ll be asked to enter this new password into your Bank First App the next time you use it.

Need help?

Like to know more or need assistance? Check out our online security tips or call us on 1300 654 822.