How to drive safely on your way to the snow

Staying safe whilst driving to and from your next snowy holiday destination is important. Here’re our best tips on driving through some of Australia’s iciest conditions.

Before you go

  • Check weather conditions before you leave. Never drive if there is a snow storm forecast
  • Tyres should have a thick tread
  • Take tyre chains with you as they are legally needed in some areas
  • Check your vehicle is working properly and safe to drive
  • Ensure your battery is working properly
  • Double check brakes are working well
  • Add anti-freeze to your radiator
  • Be cautious of wildlife crossing the road in national parks

Pack your car up

  • Bring a torch for light
  • Pack a blanket for warmth in case you get snow-logged
  • If you do get stuck, never leave your vehicle and leave a light on so you can be found easily

On-road tips

  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly to avoid skidding and spinning your vehicle out of control
  • Drive cautiously and slowly if conditions worsen
  • Double the distance you’d normally leave between you and the car in front of you
  • Turn on your low beams during the day, and turn on fog lights if it starts to snow
  • If you lose visibility, pull over to a safe spot and wait it out with your hazard lights on

Snow driving safety

You can check the Transport Centre in your state for more tips before you go driving in icy weather. Making sure you have adequate car insurance before setting off is also important. You can speak to our team today on 1300 654 166 or visit Car Insurance.

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