10 Fire safety tips for winter

Most home fires are preventable and also accidental.

And with a fire able to engulf a whole room in just 4 minutes, it’s important to know what you can do to prevent this from happening in your home.

Here are 10 ways to help fire-proof your home this winter.

  1. Whilst staying warm in winter is desirable, ensure to turn off your electric blankets before bed and never leave them on unattended or with your children.
  2. Ensure to turn off all appliances and the heater before leaving the house, a good habit to get into is to turn off appliances whenever leaving a room.
  3. If you smoke, do not do so in bed as there is a risk the ash could set the bedspread, and room, alight if it falls.
  4. Winter time usually calls for the fire place to come back to life, however be careful of logs rolling out and embers flicking out into the home as these can cause house fires. Don’t leave the fire burning unattended, and ensure to keep a clean chimney.
  5. Do not hang your clothes in front of the heater or on the heater, they can be easily set alight.
  6. If using a tumble dryer in the house, ensure to empty the lint section after each use to prevent dust particles from catching alight.
  7. Tidy your home. If you have ducted heating and cooling, ensure your ducts are clean from dust particles which can catch alight, and never leave tea towels or flammables near the stove top. Keeping a tidy home can help reduce the risks of fire.
  8. Although candles can help set the mood, it’s important to remember to extinguish them when leaving the room. Never allow children near candles or matches.
  9. If you store flammable liquids, fertiliser, solvents, pool chemicals or fuels in your shed, ensure to carefully follow storage instructions and keep them in the approved containers. Never allow these to come in contact with each other or with flames and heat.
  10. Ensure your home is fitted with a smoke alarm and that you change your batteries every year. Smoke detectors help to alert you if there is a fire, giving you time to get out of the house.

When it comes to fire safety, the more your family knows the better. Educate your children on fire safety and ensure your family knows the planned escape route in the event of a fire. Keep a fire extinguisher handy at home as well as a fire blanket, and know the different uses for each.

Keeping fire safety fresh in your mind this winter can help you prevent a fire from destroying your home. And of course, ensure you have a comprehensive home and contents insurance policy in place in case the unexpected does happen.

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