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Student discounts

Whether you’re working part time or not at all, it can be hard to get by financially as a student.

One way to curb this is to ensure you’re taking advantage of as many discounts as possible. We’ve listed some types of student discounts and tips for receiving as many as possible.

Student card

Most places that offer discounts will ask to see your student card. Try keeping it on you at all times to avoid the disappointment of missing out on a discount that you would have otherwise been entitled to. If your school, uni or TAFE take a while to process student cards, you could keep a photocopy of your proof of enrolment on you in the meantime.

Student guide

Whether it’s a diary, book or online portal, your uni or TAFE probably has a go-to guide for you to find a list of local places that provide discounts and opportunities for you to use your student card.


See if you can purchase second-hand textbooks, rather than buying brand new ones each semester. If you are required to buy a new textbook, keep it in good condition so you can potentially sell it once it’s no longer required. Enquire with your uni or TAFE, or browse some of the online sites that offer textbook exchange services.

Common deals to look out for

  • Travel - including discounts on flights and accommodation.
  • Entertainment - such as movies, theatre, tenpin bowling and exhibitions.
  • Food and drink - restaurants and bars near your campus may offer ‘happy hours’ or a meal and drink combined special.
  • Shopping - keep an eye out for discounts in store or discount codes online.
  • Computer and phone - brands like Apple and Microsoft have been known to offer student discounts in the past.

Public transport

You may be eligible for a Concession myki, allowing you to use public transport in Victoria at a discounted price. For more information, visit Public Transport Victoria.

Available payments

There are also various ongoing payments available for students, trainees and Australian Apprentices. Depending on your age and type of study, you may be eligible for one of these payments:

  • Youth Allowance if you’re 24 or younger. Income and assets tests determine the amount of money that you’re eligible for.
  • Abstudy if you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student or Australian Apprentice.
  • Austudy if you’re 25 or older and studying full time or you’re an Australian Apprentice.

There are also other payments and support services for students, including:

  • Fares Allowance or Relocation Scholarship if you moved so that you can study or if you travel to study.
  • Rent Assistance or a Low Income Health Care Card to assist with living costs, paying rent and cheaper health care.
  • Disability Support Pension if you’re under 21 and studying with a disability.

To get more information and to find assistance in your local area, check out Payment and Service Finder.