Benefits of buying an environmentally friendly car

But what is an environmentally friendly car and why should you consider driving one?  

With the ever-changing innovations in vehicle technology, driving an environmentally friendly car is becoming the new norm. 

Some of the reasons may surprise you… 

Environmentally friendly or ‘Green’ cars generally refer to cars that produce lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than other cars of a similar size. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that has a negative impact on our environment. 

Not only does driving a green car reduce your carbon footprint, but it is often a more fuel-efficient option, saving you money in fuel costs. 

And the hidden benefit of driving an eco-friendly vehicle? Reduced finance!

Some socially responsible lenders (including Bank First) offer a reduced interest rate for cars that are environmentally friendly. This can save you hundreds over the life of the loan and is a way of rewarding customers who make environmentally friendly choices. 

Wondering if your next car will be considered to be a ‘green car’? You might be surprised to see some of the cars rated in the top 20 by the Australian Government. Check out the Green Vehicle Guide for details. 

Interested in a green car loan?

With low rates, no monthly fees and flexible repayment options, our Green Car Loan offers you a lower interest rate to reward you for purchasing a lower emissions vehicle.