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Maximising your income

Would you like to increase your school’s income?

A term deposit is an effective means of increasing your savings. Entrust your savings to us for a fixed term with a fixed rate of interest, and at the end of that time your school or preschool can enjoy an improved bank balance.

If you decide to invest in one of our flexible term deposits, you will be able to:

Choose the right term for you

A term deposit can be either a short or long term commitment, depending how long you choose to invest your funds. With our fixed term deposits for schools, you have the flexibility of choosing a short-term loan, between 30 and 90 days, or a longer period between 120-180 days. Would you like a longer term? Just ask us.

Benefit from a high interest rate

One of the benefits of a fixed term deposit is that ability to capitalise on high interest rates. Lock in a good interest rate, and it will not vary for the length of the nominated term, so you can budget according to your interest earnings. Rather than leaving spare funds sitting in your school’s everyday transaction account, arrange a short term with a higher interest rate and get a guaranteed return on your investment. With a fixed rate of return, it is a simple way to grow your school’s funds.

Keep your funds safe

All of our school and preschool accounts and term deposits offer you secure access. This means that only your nominated signatories and authorised staff - such as a Bursar or 

Business Manager - will be able to access your funds. With this added security, you can rest easy knowing that your funds will be safe and well managed for the life of the term deposit.

We are committed to helping the community and managing your finances. To talk about increasing your schools interest earnings, call our Relationship Officers on 1300 654 822.