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LinkedIn for educators

Whether you’re searching for new career opportunities, hoping to expand your professional network or looking to enhance your learning opportunities, there are many great reasons for educators to have their own LinkedIn profile.

If you’re wondering where to start or how to enhance your profile, here are our top five tips:

1. Choose your profile picture wisely
Select a clear, high quality, recent photo. Your profile picture creates a strong first impression and should represent who you are as an educator.

2. Set your goal and tailor your page accordingly
Ask yourself ‘what am I trying to achieve with LinkedIn’? Is it to network, stay up-to-date on education issues or assess other teaching opportunities? No matter your goal, your profile should reflect this – even if it’s just subtly.

Once your goal is identified, tailor your headline, summary and experience with this in mind. Identify keywords aligned to your goal and use these throughout your profile. This assists with the right people finding your page. (Who are the ‘right’ people? Well that all depends on your goal!)

3. Connect with current and previous colleagues
Actively connect with your current and previous colleagues to expand your professional network. It’s helpful to explain why you’d like to connect with them and where you met professionally when doing so too. Endorsing your connections where appropriate will help build your relationship with them and they are likely to return the favour.

4. Show your expertise and personality
LinkedIn is a professional platform but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject your own personality into your page. Feel free to express yourself, your teaching style and professional persona, just ensure it is professional. Highlight your experience and skills, including any volunteering you’ve done.

5. Join Groups and follow Company pages
LinkedIn Groups are a great way to expand your professional learning network. There are a wide variety of Groups available and you can join a maximum of 50. Research and join the Groups that interest you, and rather than being a fly on the wall – participate in them to reap the full benefits. Many organisations are using LinkedIn to update and communicate with their customers, current and prospective employees. The ‘careers’ section on a company’s LinkedIn page is a great way to learn more about what it would be like to work for that company too.

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